Thursday, August 29, 2013

Almond Joy Cupcakes

Okay, so I know my blog isn't a typical "foodie" blog like many people have, but for those of you who know me, you probably know that I love to cook. And that I especially love to bake. And that I even more especially love sweets and candy. So here's a recipe for something easy and incredible (not that I can eat it right now...but more about our new "lifestyle" later...).

Almond Joys have always been my absolute favorite candy bar. My name is Angela Joy, so it must have been meant to be (Angela Joy, Almond Joy...what's the difference?). While my lovely husband can not stand coconut, I love it dearly and always try to sneak it in when I'm cooking. He says it's the texture. I say he's crazy! These cupcakes were definitely not a sneaky-coconut type of creation. They are FULL of coconut and FULL of deliciousness! And easy-peasy! Chad wouldn't even try one. I'm sad for all the spectacularity he's missing out on. I made them for a church staff/elder meeting last weekend; they were an experiment that turned out to be pretty tasty!

Start out by making chocolate cupcakes with your favorite box mix. I used a classic milk chocolate box...but I bet the butter recipe chocolate would be even better! Once the cupcakes are cooled, top them with chocolate frosting that has a bit of coconut extract (to taste), OR if you want it to be even easier, you can use this! Top that with shredded coconut and a single almond. I mean, where can you go wrong? Chocolate & coconut? Yes please! Enjoy!

The finished product!


  1. I'm with Chad; I'm not a fan of coconut. I'm not wild about the taste, although once I tried a few bites of coconut chicken tenders, and they were delicious. I don't know if they were fried, but the cooking process changed the texture so I didn't mind it.

    1. Okay I will HAVE to find a recipe for those! I'm always trying to trick him into liking it...and he just will NOT! :)

    2. They were from Green Mill, if that helps in the recipe search.